Off Season Is A Great Time to Visit Cozumel
 "High season" in Cozumel officially ends on April 15, but the weeks following it are a great time to visit this fantastic island. Almost all services are still available well into the summer and the locals have more time to lavish attention onto you and yours.
   Most restaurants are easier to get into and the service is amazing. More fresh fish and seafood are available and local fruits and vegetables are just waiting to be prepared especially for you.
   Taxi drivers are more than willing to offer island tours designed to your specific tastes and restaurant staff are just waiting for you to walk through the door.
  So, why not arrange a trip now. You will save money and have a richer experience as the slower pace returns to the island and everyone has a little more time to spend with you.


The island of Cozumel, Mexico
off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula is

a safe, wonderful and beautiful place and
 it can be the setting for the best vacation you ever had
IF you know how to go about it.

 We are here to put the "U" in Cozumel

Our goal is not only to to help you  get the most
out of your time here,  but also to
make the islanders glad YOU came.

This island has
something for EVERYONE

but you will get out of it only what you put in.
Play nice(ly) and you will be welcomed back
with open arms and great service beyond compare

We Welcome You

Make the most of your time here

Play hard, eat and drink well,
but as Pistolita says, "Whatever you do,